Get paid $200 from the Singapore Government for trying e-Invoicing.

Singapore introduced PEPPOL e-Invoicing to benefit all businesses. It automates the invoice process making it more efficient, more accurate and can increase cash flow. Many countries around the world are seeing businesses cut costs and increase efficiency with e-Invoicing.  

As a part of the latest stimulus package, every business that signs up to use e-Invoicing will automatically receive a $200 grant payment from the government.  

How much does it cost to start e-Invoicing? If you use a current cloud accounting package that is connected by LinkFor to the e-Invoicing network, it doesn’t cost you anything.  

There is nothing to download or install. It’s easy to create an account online. Use your UEN as the identifier, and the $200 payment will be applied to you. 

So create a free LinkFor account today and start enjoying the benefits of e-Invoicing – and get $200 just for trying it out. 

Learn more and create a free e-Invoicing account: