LinkFor Access Point

LinkFor Invoice Express

Fast and Easy solution for business that don't use cloud accounting services.

Prefer to work offline utilising a desktop accounting software?
Not ready for your cloud accounting/ERP system getting additional integration?
Send and track all your invoices from Link4 InvoiceExpress.

LinkFor InvoiceExpress is for:

Micro business who would like to enhance their invoicing process.
Small and medium business who prefer desktop accounting software.
SMEs or Enterprises who don't want to connect/integrate their accounting/ERP software.
Simple e-invoice handling

LinkFor InvoiceExpress allows you to create and send e-invoices directly to your customers’ accounting system. By signing up for Linkfor InvoiceExpress you also get an Access Point, which allows you to reach out digitally to all those customers that are on the PEPPOL e-invoicing network. In case your customers don’t use a cloud accounting system, we have you covered! Your customers will receive an email with a PDF version of your invoice.

All your documents in a single platform

LinkFor InvoiceExpress is an easy place to add new invoices and list all invoices you have processed. With LinkFor InvoiceExpress you also get access to all purchases you have submitted along with a supplier list. Smart filters help you navigate through the information and quickly find documents you’re searching for. You can easily create and manage profiles of your customers and suppliers.

Key Benefits:

All your documents in a single platform.
Take advantage of instant invoice sending through the PEPPOL e-Invoicing Network.
Ability to use LinkFor Payments

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