Keep your business protected from being a cyber attack victim

Data Breaches are becoming more common in Singapore and the government is holding a stricter stance on data privacy issues. 56% of SMEs experienced a Cyber attack in Singapore during 2018. Already in 2020, 51% of businesses in Singapore have reported at least one breach or cybersecurity incident.


These numbers are significantly high and have caught the government’s attention, as they have now made it mandatory for every registered business in Singapore to have a Data Protection Officer.


Keeping aware of fraudulent attempts to breach your system can help avoid issues with data being leaked. Ensuring that employees are capable of identifying scammer emails or messages can reduce this risk, keeping your company and customers information safe.


Email is not the safest way to send information. They can be intercepted by a third party and the content can be manipulated. This is how invoices sent as a pdf can be tracked and payment details in the invoice can be changed.


Keeping your invoice information secure is as important to us as it is for you. As LinkFor is an Accredited Peppol Access Point provider, our system can ensure your invoices are secure and sent to the correct person.


Being a cloud based system, the possibility of invoices being intercepted is eliminated and is why InvoiceNow can help all of us be more protected online.