LinkFor Cloud


LinkFor Cloud delivers documents between different cloud account and ERP systems from one software to the other without the need for emails, PDFs, scanning apps or data entry.

Key Benefits

Time saving

No more manual data entry. LinkFor delivers documents, needed to complete procure to pay cycle, to your chosen accounts within your cloud accounting software.

Safe and Secure

LinkFor assures that your information will remain confidential. LinkFor is granted limited access to accounts, bills, and contacts to provide a streamlined experience.

High-Security Document Storage

You can feel confident in securely accessing your e-Invoices from anywhere. With all your invoices stored in the cloud, you will never lose an invoice again!

Connected Software Systems

It takes less than 2 minutes to connect your cloud accounting software to LinkFor



LinkFor provides custom integration for enterprise that are using ERP

Oracle Netsuite

Create your first e-invoice in 4 simple steps

1) Authorise LinkFor to connect to your accounting software

When creating an account with LinkFor, your unique business identity is validated and with a newly created account you automatically get LinkFor Access Point. Once you have a LinkFor account, you can easily connect your cloud accounting software with just 2 clicks of a button.

2) Invite your customers to join your network on LinkFor

LinkFor offers a variety of e-delivery options, and LinkFor cloud is one of them. It builds a secure connection between you and your network of customers, allowing a transfer of documents directly between your accounting systems. To enable this option, simply invite your customers to connect with your accounting software through LinkFor.

3) Your customers accept the invitation to connect on LinkFor

When your customers accept your invitation, they are redirected to a custom LinkFor sign up page. Once they complete the signup process, connect their accounting system to LinkFor and authorise a connection with you as their supplier, they are all set.

4) Start sending e-Invoices to your network of customers

With LinkFor your invoices are seamlessly delivered directly into your customers software. Both you and your customer receive a notification about an invoice being sent and delivered. Email alerts details can be easily managed in settings.

LINK4 Cloud is trusted by more than 3000 businesses in Singapore

Most popular features

Custom Pages for each Software Package

Each accounting software is different in handling invoices and purchase. We have built custom pages in LinkFor to match the requirements of the users of each accounting

Access and check the status of your documents in one platform

Get the full list of your invoices, purchases, credit notes and purchase orders at your finger tips through LinkFor Cloud. Approve the documents prior to sending them. Check the status of your document, whether it was delivered, approved or paid.

Easy upgrade/downgrade

Your subscription can be easily managed using LinkFor. LinkFor also allows you to monitor how many documents you’ve sent and received. When you use 85% of your plan you get an automatic notification. If you need more transactions it is possible to upgrade your subscription anytime.

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