LinkFor exclusive Access Point Provider for Info-Tech

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Info-Tech Singapore has selected LinkFor as their exclusive e-invoicing Access Point. As of October, all Info-Tech customers now have e-invoicing capabilities included within their accounting software, free of charge. This is an exciting development that will maximise e-invoicing benefits for Info-Tech trading partners. The partnership between LinkFor and Info-Tech will also expand to additional countries, such as Malaysia and Hong Kong.

A simplified onboarding process means that customers can simply activate e-invoicing from their Info-Tech dashboard instantly. This means that users do not need to complete a separate signup process with LinkFor, and can connect to e-invoicing straight away. LinkFor are the first Access Point to streamline the process of enabling e-invoicing, allowing for smooth user onboarding.

“The partnership between LinkFor and Info-Tech will help businesses in Singapore to join the InvoiceNow network in less than 2 minutes,” says Link4 CTO Sam Hassan, “and be ready to send and receive e-invoices to improve their cash flow.”

Info-Tech’s accounting software has been proven to integrate with LinkFor. By adopting e-invoicing, Info-Tech is leading the way as e-invoicing continues to gain traction in Singapore and elsewhere in Asia. Not only will adoption streamline the invoicing process for Info-Tech and their customers, but it will also encourage other businesses to create a plan for switching to e-invoicing in the near future.


LinkFor is an approved Access Point Provider on the Peppol network and has been supporting SMEs, governments and Large Enterprises (LEs) in Singapore to connect to the Peppol network and adopt e-invoicing.