Seamless invoice delivery in the simplest way possible for MYOB users. Increase your cash flow, reduce your overheads and be more secure with efficient and automated invoice processing.

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Who are LinkFor?

LinkFor are an Singaporean software provider that has been supporting small business owners since 2016 with e-Invoicing services in Singapore. We provide a lot more than the basic e-Invoicing available within the accounting systems, including 

  • workflows, 
  • approval processes 
  • payment options.


There are many benefits for MYOB users through e-Invoicing. As a sender: - Delivered in real time - Increase cash flow through faster payments - Approval processes built in - Stronger client retention as you are making their life easier Receiving invoices; - Safer than email - No need for translating PDFs - Reduces data entry errors - More efficient - No need to store physical copies

How to get started?
LinkFor is a Saas (Software as a Service) solution, so there is nothing to download or install. You can be connected within 2 minutes.
1. Create a LinkFor account
2. Connect MYOB
3. Send and receive invoices whenever you need

PEPPOL is a global set of standards & specifications enabling cross-border eProcurement.

Within PEPPOL network e-invoicing occurs through a four-corner model, where buyer and supplier (corners 1 and 4) use different service providers or access points (corner 2 and 3) to exchange e-documentation.

LinkFor became an accredited access point by the ATO in October 2019.
Which makes LinkFor one of the first service providers to get accreditation in Singapore.

Activate your e-invoicing Access Point reach your client network through a single connection

Easy onboarding

When you sign up for LinkFor, you automatically get an Access Point. Onboarding process is simple and quick, you just need to provide documents verifying your identity. It’s a necessary step to ensure a safe environment for e-transactions.

Full control over your e-transactions

With LinkFor Access Point you have full control over sending and receiving e-invoices and other e-procurement documents through the PEPPOL network. You can choose to perform all your e-transactions through LinkFor Access Point or select specific buyers/suppliers you wish to do business with.

Work Flow

LinkFor provides users with an opportunity to review and approve the invoices before they get sent through the Access Point. The users can also review and approve the purchases before they get delivered into their accounting software. These features are developed to provide a controllable, smooth e-invoicing experience.

Ready to get Started?