PEPPOL e-invoicing

PEPPOL is an open standard enabling the exchange of standardized machine-readable documents over its network. The companies who connect to PEPPOL can easily trade with any business on the network seamlessly. Businesses who wish to adopt e-invoicing must subscribe to an Access Point (AP) Provider of their choice. Small businesses that use Xero, QuickBooks or Zoho Books, can easily use an add-on as their Access Point. Services like Link4 are specifically made for small business owners to benefit from e-Invoicing whilst still using their current cloud accounting system.    

E-invoicing is the next area of disruption for small business and many bookkeepers and accountants will be affected. But what is it, who is using it now, what is the government doing and how will you be affected?

Our CEO Robin Sands used some examples in the article on Accountants Daily to help understand the true meaning of e-invoicing. 

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About LinkFor

LinkFor is the subsidiary company of Link4, which provide services for the Asian area. It is an Account Payables and Account Receivables automation software solution that allows businesses to exchange invoices and purchase bills instantly, without the need for PDFs and emails. Designed specifically to support small and medium enterprises, LinkFor is a SaaS solution which doesn’t require any installation or long-term commitments.