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An e-invoice is an electronically generated and transmitted document, enabling direct information exchange between the buyers’ and suppliers’ accounting systems. This eliminates the necessity to print and send paper-based invoices or email PDF invoices, as well as manually input information into your accounting system. E-invoicing is a future way of doing the business.

Fully automatic, transferable between systems

Not a PDF

Not a printed/scanned invoice

Why choose e-invoicing?

Every business receives invoices. Every business has someone responsible for taking data from an invoice and putting in into the accounting system. But not with e-invoicing!

E-invoicing automates the process, delivering invoice information exactly where it needs to go – without the need for email, PDFs or scanning tools. Just like how email has replaced the need for mail, e-invoicing will replace traditional invoicing. Moreover, with the data being stored securely in the cloud there is no need for physical storage.

E-invoicing presents small and medium businesses an opportunity to streamline their AP and AR processes, resulting in:

  • Saving the business owner time by removing the manual processes involved in invoicing;
  • Reducing costs for the business through the reduction of staff overhead costs.
E-invoicing is supported by the Singaporean Government

From 1 January 2020, Singaporean Government agencies are paying e-invoices within 5 days under condition, that both sides are using internationally accepted PEPPOL framework for e-invoicing. This regulation applies to contracts up to $ 1 million.

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