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The difference between digital invoicing and PEPPOL e-Invoicing

Invoices can be sent and received in several ways, such as paper, email, portable document format (PDF), or electronic invoicing. Interestingly, there is much confusion between digital invoicing and electronic invoicing, even though they are fundamentally different. Let’s dive a … Read More

Automate Your Small Business for Efficiency and Growth

Automation is becoming more prevalent in today’s modern world; including automation in your business practices could be the next step to business success. One of the biggest challenges faced by every small business is having too much to do and … Read More

PEPPOL e-invoicing

PEPPOL is an open standard enabling the exchange of standardized machine-readable documents over its network. The companies who connect to PEPPOL can easily trade with any business on the network seamlessly. Businesses who wish to adopt e-invoicing must subscribe to an … Read More