FAQ - LinkFor Asia - Singapore



Do I need to install anything?
No. There is nothing to install

Can I still use my Accounting software?
Yes. LinkFor is not designed to replace your accounting software, but it will enhance it’s value for you. LinkFor will make you love your accounting software more.

Can I contact someone at LinkFor?
Yes, our team is available through Live chat on the Link4 website as well as through the LinkFor application. If you have any questions or support needs, please don’t hesitate to start a conversation. Our team is available during normal business hours in Australia, but you can always leave your email and message and we will respond to you ASAP.


Is it secure?
Yes. We use SSL and server separation strategies. Additionally, your Accounting software also has it’s own layer of security to protect your details.

How is this different from EDI?
It’s the same concept as EDI ­ electronically transferring data from one system to another, but there is nothing to install. Link4 is noninvasive. It won’t have an impact on any software systems you currently use.


What are the benefits to me sending invoices?
LinkFor can mean increased cash flow as invoices make it into your client’s accounting system faster. There is no need to print and post, or PDF and email invoices. It is fast and simple. And you can track if the invoice has arrived, been accepted, paid, etc. LinkFor includes dashboards so you can clearly see a payer’s history and you can track trends.


What happens if I want to discontinue using LinkFor?
If you are on a paid plan, just give us 30 days notice and we will terminate your subscription and you click a link to disconnect from LinkFor.



What are the benefits to me receiving invoices through LinkFor?
It will save you time. No need to for manual data entry. No need to scan invoices to get them into your accounting software, or importing PDFs. And it saves you having to deal with all those paper invoices.