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Save Time and Money

E-Invoicing removes the need for manual data entry, reducing the costs of invoice processing up to 80%! Invoices are delivered straight into your cloud accounting system, which saves your staff time spent on handling or following up on invoices.

Improved Cash Flow

E-invoicing eliminates delays, resulting from manual invoice handling. With LinkFor, invoices land directly into your customers’ accounting system, which simplifies the approval process. Consequently, invoices are paid on time and the cash flow is improved.

Safe and Secure

LinkFor assures that your information will remain confidential. LinkFor is granted limited access to accounts, bills, and contacts to provide a streamlined experience.

High-Security Document Storage

You can feel confident in securely accessing your e-Invoices from anywhere. With all your invoices stored in the cloud, you will never lose an invoice again!

Ability to Pay and Get Paid Instantly

With LinkFor Payments, you get more control over your finance management.

Traditional Invoicing


Reduce your invoicing costs by 65%

This includes all of the associated costs with traditional invoicing.

Seamlessly send and receive e-invoices with Link4

Connected Software Systems

It takes less than 2 minutes to connect your cloud accounting software to LinkFor

Don't have a Cloud Accounting System?

“So easy to use, the intergration into our accounts software is seamless at our end, very simple to setup & use”
Robert F.
Satisfied Client
“It is a real time saver for me to not have to enter invoices. All I do is a double check when a Statement comes in, so easy. ”
Helen H.
Satisfied Client

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