E-Invoicing in Malaysia

A national e-invoicing initiative to improve business efficiency and productivity. Get ahead of the curve with LinkFor - the easiest way to comply with the new mandate and streamline your invoicing process.

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E-invoicing (or electronic invoicing) is the "digital approach to invoicing that simplifies the creation, submission, validation and archiving of invoices electronically" by allowing accounting software and ERP systems to send and receive e-invoices in a system-to-system manner. It's key to supporting digital tax monitoring and avoiding paper/PDF invoicing and tax leakage.

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Why is E-Invoicing important in Malaysia?

The introduction of e-invoicing is part of the government's initiative to digitalise the Malaysian economy by revolutionising business operations and improving tax compliance.
Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), as the agency leading the economy's digital transformation, has the authority to accredit e-invoicing service providers like LinkFor.
The implementation of e-invoicing will follow a phased rollout based on the annual turnover of businesses.
Compliance is mandatory and applicable to all taxpayers undertaking commercial activities in Malaysia.

Companies with annual revenue over MYR 100 million are selected to kickstart this transformative journey first. MDEC aims to increase their business efficiency, improve their cash flow and facilitate efficient tax compliance.

The latest update from the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) indicates that e-invoicing implementation for this cluster of enterprises is to commence on August 1, 2024. Other turnover clusters will be mandated to adopt e-invoicing on an year-to-year approach.

Now it's more important than ever for Malaysian businesses to start preparing for the e-invoicing transition!

How to comply with IRBM's mandate?

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LinkFor E-Invoicing system benefits for Malaysian businesses

LinkFor, a leading global e-invoicing solutions provider, can help you with every step of the process, from planning and implementation to support and training.

Adhere to IRBM's guidelines

LinkFor's e-invoicing solution is fully compliant with IRBM's requirements, so you can be confident that you are meeting all of your obligations.

Improve visibility and control

LinkFor provides you with real-time insights into your invoicing process, so you can identify and address any issues quickly and efficiently

Streamline your invoicing process

LinkFor's solution automates and simplifies the invoicing process, saving you time and money.

Get ahead of the curve

By implementing e-invoicing now, you can gain a competitive advantage and be better prepared for the future of business

Enhance security and compliance

LinkFor's solution uses the latest security technologies to protect your data and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

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