LinkFor Payments

Say goodbye to payment inefficiencies! Reduce the risk of late payments and improve your cash flow.

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Transform the e-invoicing environment with LinkFor Payments. We are offering a unique opportunity for buyers to pay their invoices instantly or over a period of time of their choosing, eliminating the trouble with payment delays and interests. Suppliers get to choose whether they want to receive payments straight away, to keep their cash flow healthy.

Why Use LinkFor Payments?

Enables making payments with a credit/debit card or through a bank transfer

Allows payments to be made within 8 weeks

Payments come in as soon as invoices are sent out

Key Features

Easily receive payments from your customers

Activate your merchant account with LinkFor to start using LinkFor Payments. Simply add your company information, upload your identification documents and you are all set!

Flexible payment options are available. You can receive payments right away. For example, 85% of the transaction can be received upfront and the rest upon the actual payment.

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Pay your invoices with a click of a button

Choose a payment option that best suits your needs:

● Pay instantly with a credit card/direct or through
a bank transfer
● Select to pay over 8 weeks

LinkFor Payments is available for all customers: whether you decide to use other LinkFor products or if you just prefer to pay your invoices online.

Key Benefits

Flexible payment options
Ability to instantly pay invoices and receive money from customers
Better control over cash flow

Interested in LinkFor Payments?

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