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LinkFor enables users to instantly send and receive e-invoices using their existing cloud accounting system.

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About LinkFor

LinkFor is the subsidiary company of Link4, which provide services for the Asian area. It is an Account Payables and Account Receivables automation software solution that allows businesses to exchange invoices and purchase bills instantly, without the need for PDFs and emails. Designed specifically to support small and medium enterprises, LinkFor is a SaaS solution which doesn’t require any installation or long-term commitment

No matter which cloud accounting software you are using, LinkFor enables users to send invoices directly into their customer’s cloud accounting software instantly. LinkFor automates the invoicing process for SMBs saving them time and money, allowing them to focus more on other aspects of their business.

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Our Mission

We strive to make the world a better place by making small business more successful.

We work together as LinkFor to help business people realize their full potential and grow their business, by capitalising on abilities of cloud solutions.

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Our Vision

We see ourselves to be the #1 Electronic Invoice Delivery choice for small & medium enterprises globally.

Our Values

Know How We Behave

Family First

It is important for us to remember our purpose and why we are working. Our families are important to us so as our clients' families. We help our clients minimize their working time so they can enjoy their family more.


Our team is built on trust with each other. We trust each of us to have the best intentions, positive attitude and put their best efforts and be resourceful to achieve success as LinkFor team.


We enjoy the light-hearted exchange of jokes and flexibility. We prefer working in 'not too serious' mode and avoid grumpiness and rudeness.


Honesty and openness are critical to us. Dishonesty and unethical behaviour are not tolerated.


Self-respect and respect for others is important. We understand that all of us are unique individualities, and we honour diversity. We respect each other and clients space, time, work and views. Our team is built on trust to each other. 


We appreciated the encouragement and keeping a positive attitude despite all adversities, stress, risks, failures. We keep our head high. We don't give up. We learn from our experiences and persist with our goals.


We are all about achieving maximum efficiency in everything we do. We understand the value of being productive and using the best innovative tools and methods available to produce maximum results for our clients and LinkFor.


We take pride in what we do and how we do it. We are attentive, focused and professional in the way we hold ourselves, we work, cooperate and serve our clients. We learn continuously and keep our knowledge and skills up to date.

Robin Sands


Robin has 17 years’ B2B Sales and Marketing experience with medium and large global software companies. He is a result ­ focused Senior Executive who combines entrepreneurial vision with strong business acumen and well­honed global marketing skills. With his skills and experience, Robin is well-positioned to be responsible for the client acquisition activities of the business, including Sales and Marketing plans as well as the operational management of LinkFor.

Sam Hassan


Sam has 16 years’ experience in Digital Marketing and software solutions. His key role in understanding the technical solutions needed to meet the needs of the market, then creating and maintaining the solutions from a technical perspective. Sam understands how technology can be applied in the real world to solve day to day problems of business people. He works with clients to ensure they have the right solution to meet their needs.

“LinkFor helps quicken the process and make it easier to get things done, without paper. And being able to set up which account it goes to is really helpful too”
Jessica D.
Admin of Ligostics & Supply Chain

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