e-Invoicing for the Government

LinkFor provides Peppol-accredited e-Invoicing services for government organisations of any size or level.

LinkFor Webinar:
E-invoicing for New Zealand Government Agencies

Watch the on-demand webinar where the MBIE, TechnologyOne and LinkFor discuss:

  • New Zealand Central Government targets for e-invoicing, including both current and future uptake plans for the Government.
  • The process flow with TechnologyOne.
  • Australian Government case study: Enabling e-invoicing capabilities for the Department of Treasury.

    Why is LinkFor the Best Access Point Provider for Government Departments, Agencies and Councils?

    A popular Peppol Access Points used in Singapore
    Capability to work with your existing partners
    Affordable for all levels of government
    Experience working with almost all ERP systems
    Implementation takes around 2 weeks
    Testing and training are undertaken by experts, using proven processes

    Don't Think Twice - Choose LinkFor !

    A trusted choice by government agencies for e-Invoicing!

    LinkFor is a trusted Peppol Access Point used by government entities globally.

    We have the experience and expertise to help all levels of government bodies within the country to set up their e-Invoicing. If you are a government organisation interested in taking the first step with your e-Invoicing journey, we can easily set it up for you with no disruption to your ongoing work!

    Peppol-accredited e-Invoicing services

    The IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) became the first Peppol Authority outside of Europe in May 2018. By 2019, Singapore launched the InvoiceNow e-Invoicing network nationwide.

    The e-Invoicing standard adopted by the Singapore government is Peppol, which is an internationally established framework.

    The Peppol e-Invoicing Network (better known as InvoiceNow in Singapore), allows invoices to be exchanged between different Accounting systems. LinkFor was one of the leading service providers in Singapore to be Peppol certified.

    The Singapore government has not made e-Invoicing mandatory, but they have started to heavily encourage businesses (both large and small) in the private sector as well as public sector entities to become e-Invoicing-ready through a careful incentivised programme.

    e-Invoicing is becoming an essential digital and financial tool for organisations of all levels in the Government sector. Switching to e-Invoicing results in reduced processing costs, heavy reduction in time-waste and administration delays, streamlined invoice processing, and improved trading relationships.

    Implementation in 2 weeks

    We are experts at implementing e-Invoicing and working with already integrated business systems. If you are using large ERP systems such as TechnologyOne, Civica or Microsoft Dynamics, or if you are using Cloud-based Accounting systems such as QuickBooks, MYOB, Xero, MoneyWorks, etc., we have got the expertise and experience to enable e-Invoicing for your government entity.

    LinkFor is a tried and tested solution for the government sector which speeds up the implementation time for you. Implementation, testing and training can be all done in approximately 2 weeks!

    ERP Integration
    Connected Software Systems
    Export PDF, XML and CSV

    If a department or agency is not ready for a complete integration with their ERP or Accounting system but needs to be e-Invoice compliant, LinkFor can support them to become Peppol-ready in a quick and easy way.

    Your organisation can choose to export or download incoming e-Invoices to an appropriate format (PDF, XML or CSV) and then process the invoice as usual.

    Security is important to us!

    Here at LinkFor, we take security very seriously. With the rise of security threats around the world, we use several 3rd party tools to run security tests and check our product against various threats. We have also implemented monitoring tools from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to monitor our infrastructure security.

    In addition, all members of our team undergo regular training sessions throughout the year to ensure we are aware of any potential security threats and what protocols to follow, ensuring all the latest security measures are being implemented on the LinkFor e-Invoicing solutions.

    For pricing inquiries relevant to ERP systems for Government organisations, please get in touch with us via [email protected]

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      How does e-Invoicing Help Government Suppliers?

      A couple of key issues many Government Suppliers face during the invoicing process, are payment delays caused by invoice errors and duplicates, and the risk of invoice scams like redirection payment scams.

      When working with e-Invoicing-enabled Government organisations, these issues can be easily rectified amongst experiencing many other valuable benefits. As Government Suppliers what does e-Invoicing offer you?

      For more details GO HERE.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      We have compiled a list of answers to several common questions asked by government departments and agencies.

      Yes, we work with OCR providers like Kofax and EzeScan. We deliver the invoice data into your OCR solution so you can use your existing workflow.
      We also have partnerships with platform integrators, such as Delv and their "MATE" solution to get you up and running quickly, no matter what ERP system you use.

      Often government entities already have an OCR solution, such as Kofax or EzeScan. These solutions often provide the workflow and validation requirements to assist approvals, i.e. if your ERP software is not fully integrated to handle this. We work seamlessly with these OCR solutions, so you can utilise existing workflow, validation and approval rules.

      Yes, we can work with all ERP platforms to ensure that e-Invoices can be easily delivered to your specific ERP platform, even if you do not have any automation set up. There are various ways to do this and we are flexible to your needs. LinkFor can assist along with our ERP partners to enable automation of your invoicing process (validation, approvals and workflows) if required.  

      No, you can receive e-invoices with your existing software through various methods. The skilled and experienced LinkFor Support Team will work with your individual requirements.

      Yes, the logo to be added can be confirmed during the implementation phase.

      Yes, using LinkFor you can send or receive e-Invoices. We support both Debtor and Creditor Invoices in our solution.

      Yes, we can work with you to define the UENs in each department. They will have to be registered individually on the (InvoiceNow) network but managed through one single government entity.

      Yes, we deliver a copy of the invoice PDF into your ERP system using different ways based on your needs.

      Implement e-Invoicing for your Government Organisation with LinkFor!

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