E-invoicing Tips & Tricks Part 2: Make The Most Of Your e-invoicing Experience!

Posted by Link4 Team on 30/07/2018

We’ve provided SMBs with the full, complete e-invoicing experience and as such there might be features you’ve missed!

Which is why we’re here to help! Continuing our Tips and Tricks for Link4, the features that we have covered will provide a streamlined experience so that you can benefit from e-invoicing.

If you haven’t read the first part of our Tips & Tricks series, please feel free to read it here: http://bit.ly/Link4TipsandTricks

Tip #3: Full Line Item Extraction

A feature that was requested by our users was the ability for full-line item extraction and we have worked diligently with our development team in order to provide this feature.

Link4 provides the ability to extract line items from any e-invoice delivered into your Cloud Accounting system which will save you countless hours of manual data entry.

Recently we introduced our PDF feature that allows users to send and receive PDF invoices which are automatically processed into an e-invoice.

In addition, our PDF feature will also process your line items conveniently into your e-invoice and it will be delivered straight to your Cloud Accounting software. 

Tip #4: E-invoice Payment Status

Automating business processes is becoming more important as technology continues to develop within the Accounting and Bookkeeping world.

Link4’s features are created to help make your life easier so that you can spend more time on your business. One of the features that we found that saved our customers time is the status updates of invoices. Customers can view each of their invoices to check for the following Payment status: Issued, Sent and Paid.

This feature helps our customers remove the process of manually following up with each invoice. At a glance, users can send out reminder notifications to their clients if they have not been paid yet.

This can also help improve your business relationships by avoiding the dreaded follow-up call on why clients haven’t paid yet. Simply send a reminder to your clients and they’ll be notified of late invoice payments.

You can continue reading about e-invoicing benefits here or read our case study which helped BOC customers get paid faster here.

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