Email Scam Alert! New Scam Imitating MYOB Emails

Posted by Link4 Team on 17/04/2018

There is another email scam currently going around that appears as if it is being sent on behalf of MYOB. This email is asking recipients to click on a link to view an EFT Remittance Advice Document.

It is very easy to be fooled by a fake email when scammers make you believe the email is from someone you would usually trust.

We even received this email and had to check it thoroughly before we could confirm it was a scam.

If you have received an email like this, please do not click on any attachments because it could lead to you or your businesses being scammed, phished or hacked.

How do you know if you’ve received a fake email?

Have a look over the suspicious email and check these five things to verify whether the email is legitimate or not:

1. When you hover your mouse over a link within the email, it will generally come up with a suspicious or unfamiliar domain name aiming to take you to a malicious site. Do not open these links.

2. The sender’s email address and the subject of the email will often not have anything in common with each other.

3. Email scams often use fake names, so check whether you are familiar with the contact name.

4. Fake emails often don’t contain the correct copyright or privacy policy information.

5. Watch out for spelling and grammar mistakes as well as random symbols throughout the email. Carefully read through the email and see if there are any words missing and whether the email actually makes sense.

If you are still questioning whether the email you have received is real, contact your usual provider. DO NOT use any contact information provided within the email. Instead, go to their website and use these contact details to verify whether they sent the email or not. From here you can then report the email to them if it is indeed a scam.

There is a way to protect you and your business from email scams … and that is with e-invoicing. As e-invoices are transferred directly into Cloud Accounting systems, there is no risk of you receiving emails with malicious attachments.

Read more about avoiding invoicing scams here.

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