LinkFor Concludes Engaging e-Invoicing Sessions in Malaysia

e-Invoicing Sessions in Malaysia

In a series of educational workshop events in Malaysia, Robin Sands, CEO of LinkFor and with over 20 years of experience providing solutions to businesses of all sizes, explored the significant benefits of e-Invoicing amidst impending regulatory mandates.

Businesses are facing deadlines to align with new regulations mandating invoices to be submitted electronically to the government starting from 1st August 2024.

While large enterprises possess the resources to transition smoothly, SMEs are still learning about the benefits of e-Invoicing and how they can transition their ERP and Cloud Accounting systems without disrupting their financial operations.

LinkFor partnered with VLAN Asia and Oracle NetSuite Malaysia in noteworthy events where the benefits of adopting e-Invoicing were reiterated by Sands, emphasizing the deadline set by the Inland Revenue Board Malaysia (LHDN). He highlighted the additional advantage for businesses joining the accredited Peppol network, ensuring secure transactions between suppliers and buyers.

LinkFor is heading the transformation of the invoicing landscape as it achieved Malaysian Digital status and Peppol Accreditation by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). This supports Malaysia’s compliance of e-Invoicing standards, allowing LinkFor to collaborate closely with local companies to streamline their processes.

Additionally, with the Inland Revenue Board Malaysia (LHDN) e-Invoicing mandate deadline approaching, LinkFor is introducing its ‘Fast Track Programme.’ This program offers businesses a streamlined path to compliance in just four weeks, allowing companies to meet regulatory requirements smoothly.

“It was a pleasure meeting our business partners and witnessing their enthusiasm for adopting e-Invoicing,” Sands remarked. “As we approach the deadline, it’s crucial to highlight the benefits of e-Invoicing and the competitive edge it provides.”

As the Malaysian markets continue to evolve, businesses that adopt e-Invoicing will be better positioned to thrive. Don’t get left behind—embrace e-Invoicing today and step into the future of financial operations.

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Footnote: In this article, “e-invoicing” is used interchangeably to refer to electronic invoicing.

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