Link4 expands global presence with PEPPOL Accreditation

e-Invoicing has been touted by the Australian government as being able to inject $3Billion annually into the Australian economy. Link4 has been certified as an accredited PEPPOL Access Point provider for e-Invoicing.  This allows small business owners to enjoy the benefits of e-Invoicing using their current cloud accounting system. 

e-Invoices are transferred between access points via a highly secure network reducing the security issues and increasing efficiency for the process. 

The Australian-based company has already expanded to New Zealand and Singapore, with accreditation from the Australian Taxation Office, the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority. Further talks with other government agencies are progressing.

PEPPOL is a global set of standards that enables public agents and private enterprises to exchange electronic documents over the PEPPOL network. Certification in PEPPOL means that Link4 is able to provide e-Invoicing services through any other PEPPOL-certified Access Points, increasing the capacity of communication between companies in all countries where PEPPOL is the standard system.

            For individual businesses, e-Invoicing provides 60-80 per cent more efficiency than other forms of invoicing, benefiting the workflow and cost-effectiveness within the business. e-Invoicing also reduces errors arising from manual data-entry such as incorrect data and invoices being sent to the wrong recipient. The Australian Government estimates that $3 billion would be injected to the Australian economy each year if just 15% of business started using it. 

Businesses use their current cloud accounting software to send e-Invoices via Link4, which has secured integrations with many leading systems, including Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, MoneyWorks, Workday, Sage Business Cloud, Zoho, Reckon, Saasu, Freshbooks, FreeAgent, Netsuite and SAP.

Robin Sands, CEO and Co-Founder of Link4, stated that “e-Invoicing is the way forward for businesses of all sizes. PEPPOL is a fantastic framework that increases security and efficiency through the whole invoice process. This is proving to be a great feature for all business owners”.

CTO and Co-Founder Sam Hassan added, “PEPPOL Accreditation enables Link4’s customers to connect with more organisations than ever before, furthering the financial benefits of e-Invoicing, fostering business relationships and creating more results for SMEs.”

Media Enquiries:

Robin Sands | Link4 CEO

[email protected] | 0421 022 241

 About Link4

Link4 allows a business to instantly exchange e-Invoices and purchase bills directly to and from their own accounting software, removing the need for paper, PDFs and emails. As an accredited e-Invoicing service provider and PEPPOL access point that is designed specifically to support small and medium enterprises, Link4 provides an automated service to reduce expenses, improve workplace efficiency and increase cash flow without requiring any installation or long-term commitments.

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