MoneyWorks integrates e-Invoicing into their platform

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E-Invoicing is gaining traction in Australia. Proof is by the uptake of cloud accounting software providers who are integrating this functionality into their platforms.

MoneyWorks is the latest software solution to add e-Invoicing as a standard to their capabilities. They have partnered with Link4, a Peppol accredited Access Point provider, to enable their users to send and receive e-Invoices through the MoneyWorks platform.

In 2020, the Australia Taxation Office (ATO) mandated e-Invoicing for government departments and agencies. The May budget also included $15.3 million towards increasing the adoption of e-Invoicing within Australia. Although e-Invoicing is not yet mandated for Australian businesses, cloud accounting firms have taken notice. They’re realising the benefits that e-Invoicing has for their clients, and how providing this service through their platform creates a seamless user experience.

“E-Invoicing is now being provided as standard by cloud accounting companies,” says Robin Sands, CEO of Link4. “Businesses don’t have to stop and think about it – it just happens seamlessly from within their accounting system allowing even the smallest of businesses to experience the benefits of e-Invoicing.”

Mandatory adoption of e-Invoicing is on the horizon, and MoneyWorks are already allowing their users to connect to the Peppol network starting from $0/month. “The benefits that e-Invoicing adoption brings are significant,” says Robin. “e-Invoicing saves time, money, is more accurate and much more secure than traditional methods of sending and receiving invoices.”

“It’s great to see the latest version of MoneyWorks helps businesses adopt e-Invoicing in a very seamless way.”

About Link4
Link4 is an invoice delivery service designed to add-on to current cloud accounting software which can enhance the transactional process of an organisation. It delivers invoice data directly to where it needs to end up. This automates the process and eliminates the need for paper, human error, and time required to process an invoice normally. Link4 provides a service that can increase cash flow and is more secure than traditional methods.

Link4 has integrations with more than 12 different accounting/ERP solutions so suppliers can send e-invoices and receive e-Invoices. Additionally, for micro-businesses who don’t use any accounting package, they can use Link4 InvoiceExpress to create and send their Peppol e-invoices.

About MoneyWorks
MoneyWorks is a cloud-based and on-premise accounting solution that helps finance and accounting professionals of every business with general ledger, budgeting, GST tracking and more.

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