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What is PEPPOL e-invoicing?

PEPPOL is an open standard enabling the exchange of standardized machine-readable documents over its network. The companies who connect to PEPPOL can easily trade with any business on the network seamlessly. Businesses who wish to adopt einvoicing must subscribe to an Access Point (AP) Provider of their choice. Small businesses that use Xero, QuickBooks or Zoho Books, can easily use an add-on as their Access Point. Services like LinkFor are specifically made for small business owners to benefit from e-Invoicing whilst still using their current cloud accounting system. E-invoicing is the next area of disruption for small business and many bookkeepers and accountants will be affected. But what is it, who is using it now, what is the government doing and how will you be affected?    Read more

LinkFor Included in Asia’s Top 100 for 2019

LinkFor is proud to be a part of the Top100 Startup companies of the 2019 Echelon Asia Summit held in Singapore.

The Australian tech startup LinkFor, secured a place in the spotlight in Asia. This year LinkFor has been listed in the Asia Top100 and has been voted the Judges choice for Australia. This provided an amazing opportunity for LinkFor to show the Asia-Pacific tech industry what the company is focused on. To be in the Top100 is no easy feat. This highly competitive award had over 500 companies from 15 different countries across Asia-Pacific battle it out to be a part of the list. To be included in Asia-Pacific’s leading tech, startup and investment platform is impressive for this Australian based Fintech organization. Read More 

 Automate Your Small Business for Efficiency and Growth

One of the biggest challenges faced by every small business is having too much to do and too little time. Entrepreneurs and small business owners in particular often find themselves spending the majority of their days working in their business rather than working on it. While routine operational tasks are no doubt necessary in keeping the company running, devoting a substantial portion of the business’ limited time and resources to mundane tasks curtails attendance to more valuable activities, thus inhibiting growth. 

This is where automation comes into play.

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