e-Invoicing adoption in Singapore can unlock exponential benefits, LinkFor workshop reveals

Robin Sands, CEO of LinkFor, visits Singapore

Robin Sands, CEO of LinkFor, highlighted the transformative benefits of e-Invoicing during his recent visit to Singapore. During the workshop, Sands emphasized that early adoption would provide significant long-term gains for businesses of all sizes.

The implementation of e-Invoicing is a vital component of Singapore’s digital initiative policies with its main aim to enhance business efficiency, reduce costs, accelerate digital payments, and promote sustainability through the InvoiceNow portal.

While large enterprises possess the resources to adopt e-Invoicing smoothly, SMEs are still learning about the benefits of e-Invoicing and how they can transition their ERP and Cloud Accounting systems without disrupting their financial operations.

Sands’ visit to Singapore included engagements with industry peers such as the Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals (SCTP), HLP Aterde, and EMC Business Partners. The presentation highlighted how adopting InvoiceNow and integrating it with existing accounting software can streamline invoicing processes.

LinkFor is an official Access Point Provider for IMDA’s InvoiceNow portal in Singapore, adhering to Peppol standards. Introduced by IMDA, InvoiceNow is a nationwide e-Invoicing network aimed at simplifying invoice processing for companies of all sizes. As one of Singapore’s leading Access Point providers, LinkFor offers comprehensive e-Invoicing solutions to government bodies and businesses participating in InvoiceNow.

“e-Invoicing presents a pivotal opportunity for businesses in Singapore to enhance their invoicing processes. We enjoyed engaging with our business partners and showcasing our solutions to the market,” said Robin Sands, CEO of LinkFor.

As the Singapore markets continue to evolve, businesses that adopt e-Invoicing will be better positioned to thrive. Don’t get left behind—embrace e-Invoicing today and step into the future of financial operations.

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Footnote: In this article, “e-invoicing” is used interchangeably to refer to electronic invoicing.

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