Alternative Service to Wave Invoicing

Posted by Link4 Team on 15/12/2020

Wave has been a great Cloud Accounting solution for many businesses across the world, and it’s sad to see them retract to North America only. Wave, a Canadian-based company offering Cloud Accounting software, has left the international market, including Australia and New Zealand.

With Wave leaving the Accounting system market outside North America, it leaves their current users or interested businesses in search of a new solution. Fortunately, there are other services that can not only provide similar features that Wave had, but more, and finding the right solution is important as not every option provides the same features.

One aspect which is important to consider for any new option is e-invoicing. The benefits of e-invoicing are being promoted and rapid adoption of the service is spreading through all-size businesses.

Government departments have also recognised e-invoicing and are discussing mandating dates. For large government departments, e-invoicing will be mandatory by July 1st 2021 and for remaining agencies by July 2022, as part of the 2020-21 Budget Plan.

If you deal with a lot of invoices and have been left without another solution in mind, Link4 is a great alternative for your invoicing needs. Link4 has the ability to send/receive invoices directly into a Cloud system, without the need to use PDFs. If you don’t have a Cloud Accounting system, Link4 has another service called InvoiceExpress which allows you the ability to create invoices online without requiring a Cloud Accounting system. Invoices are delivered through the secure Peppol e-invoicing network. 

So what are the real benefits of e-invoicing?

E-invoicing is a secure way to send invoices while being cost-effective, digital, faster,  and more convenient and providing a boost to cash flow.

If you used Wave, consider what Link4 has with the feature set;

Invoices are sent in real-time straight into a Cloud Accounting system.

Easy to search for supplier and customer names, dates, invoices status as well as keywords and phrases. Multiple users can access one account. Link4 stores e-invoices for at least five years in accordance with ATO requirements. No lock-in contract. Link4 has more to offer as well.

Link4 provides prices that are fixed and low-cost to suit start-ups, SMEs and businesses that may transact large volumes of invoices. Uses e-invoicing instead of PDF. This makes it easier for systems to read and takes away the need for manual entry as it can be fully automatic. Approved suppliers can only send e-invoices to you eliminating the risk of invoice interception.

Link4 can be connected instantly to many Cloud Accounting systems including MYOB, QuickBooks, ZohoBooks, Xero, Saasu & Reckon. Wave did encourage users to migrate to ZohoBooks. Those who have moved to ZohoBooks can connect directly with Link4 and start using e-invoicing.

Link4 has recently gained significant recognition as a leader in the e-invoicing sector and is well poised if all businesses in Australia are required to use e-invoicing. Using e-invoices is seen as an important step in going digital to accelerate the bookkeeping process and give an advantage for your business over others in the market. To find out more about e-invoicing and government initiatives, read here(

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