E-invoicing Tips & Tricks: Make The Most Of Your e-invoicing Experience!

Posted by Link4 Team on 30/07/2018

Link4’s users have provided positive feedback about our e-invoicing solution and we’ve listened.

Every day we continue to improve our processes so that we can deliver invoices to you through the use of our e-invoicing solution. This is why we want to provide handy tips about our e-invoicing solution so that you can make the most out of your Link4 Account.

Our e-invoicing software solution works so seamlessly with numerous Cloud Accounting systems that sometimes our customers don’t realise the potential of all of our extra features.

We will provide you with Tips & Tricks throughout the week that you may have missed out on so that you can utilise all of Link4’s tools, maximising your time spent on managing a business. For further reading about e-invoicing benefits, you can read that here.

Tip #1: Complete the Invoice and Information Search

Gone are the days of rummaging through dozens of invoices to find specific line item prices and invoice information. The future of invoicing has arrived and this means that you can use this technology to save yourself time and potentially provide your business with greater streams of cash flow.

You can easily find the search bar on the “My Invoices” tab:

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