How a Business Like E&S has benefitted from e-invoicing

Posted by Link4 Team on 22/11/2021

E-invoicing has come a long way over the past few years and has benefited a variety of users. E&S, an electrical wholesaler mainly selling items online, is an example of an Australian business that has recently adopted e-invoicing. This has given E&S the ability to deliver an invoice to a customer seamlessly and safely, as invoice details are sent directly to the receiver’s Cloud Accounting system, removing the labour, cost and time spent mailing or emailing regular invoices.

Adopting e-invoicing has made E&S’s accounting process much more efficient and safe. Invoices are sent securely between Cloud Accounting systems and are stored in one place without having to file them as paper or PDF documents.

E-invoicing is an affordable, quick and simple add-on to a business’s Cloud Accounting system. It’s helped many small to medium businesses manage and process invoices securely. With Link4, E&S has been able to invite their customers to join the e-invoicing network if they have a Cloud-based Accounting system, such as Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, simPRO, etc. When a customer purchases a product on the E&S website, they are invited to activate e-invoicing with Link4. Once the customer is connected, E&S can send invoices to them seamlessly and receive payment promptly.

If the customer uses an Access Point that is not Link4, they can simply notify E&S and the invoice will still be delivered through the Australian e-invoicing network(Peppol).

If the customer doesn’t have compatible Accounting software, they will receive an email with a link to the online copy of the invoice, which is still far more secure than having the invoice sent as a PDF file attached to an email. Invoices are checked to match the invoice copy on the cloud system to ensure that the payments are correct.

The above-multifaceted approach took away E&S’s issues with paper and printed invoices, allowing them to manage all invoices within one system that is easy to use.

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