ICB's CEO Amanda Linton Visits the Link4 Office

Posted by Link4 Team on 08/03/2018

We recently had Amanda Linton, CEO of The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, visit our office to give us an up to date insight into bookkeeping in 2018.

Amanda talked about the main issues bookkeepers face in their day-to-day business. More importantly, she discussed how technology is dramatically changing how bookkeepers undertake their work. Bookkeepers are taking on a completely different role now to what they were a decade ago.

“Ten years ago, bookkeepers would spend around 80% of their time entering data from invoices, but these days it is only about 20% of their time,” said Amanda.

We have already taken on Amanda’s advice, ensuring we are always providing the best service possible for our bookkeeper clients.

“Now that we have confirmed and deepened our understanding of a bookkeeper’s perspective, Link4 will continue to assist bookkeepers with collecting invoices, reducing debtor collection days and improving payment collection processes – allowing them to be even more efficient,” said  Link4 CEO and Co-Founder, Robin Sands.

One change we will be making in the coming months is pre-recording Link4 webinars. We understand that bookkeepers have different time pressures and would like more control of when they wish to educate themselves.

“We want to make it even easier for bookkeepers, and everyone else, to benefit from our webinars. Through these webinars, we strive to improve people’s understanding of digital invoicing, educate about recent developments and cutting-edge tools to further optimise a company’s efficiency. From now on, they will be easily accessible and can be watched from anywhere at anytime,” Robin said.

We were very grateful to Amanda for her visit and the insight she provided.

“We aim to work closely with experts in the industry and really appreciate Amanda sharing her time with us and giving us a frontline perspective of what a bookkeeper faces in 2018,” said Robin.

Want to see how you can benefit from using Link4 as a bookkeeper? Read more about it here.

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