Inefficiencies Do you do this?

Posted by Robin Sands on 13/01/2017

Imagine this scene. A man collects his freshly washed business shirt from the clothesline. Brings it inside. Irons it, folds it and puts it away in the drawer.

The next day he comes in and takes the shirt out of the drawer, irons it, and puts it on.

Can you spot the inefficiency in that process?

Doing the same thing twice does appear to be a waste of time.

Or how about this- A bookkeeper sits at his computer, typing all the details into his Cloud Accounting system to create an invoice for his client. Then he emails it to the client.

The next day the bookkeeper goes into the client’s office, opens the email, and then types all the details from the invoice into the client’s Accounting system.

Are there inefficiencies in a process like that one?

What if the bookkeeper created the invoice and then sent it straight into the client’s Accounting system – with no need of retyping the information again? Does that feel more efficient?

That is exactly where Link4 can help. Sign up yourself and your client to Link4 (which is free for under 10 transactions a month) and then your invoice is entered into your client’s Cloud Accounting system at the same time as you enter it into your system.

Cloud Accounting systems can talk with other Cloud Accounting systems. Link4 is a simple, seamless invoice exchange that allows that to happen.

Try it for free and see if it saves you time and money.

Link4 – Simple, Seamless Invoice Exchange.

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