Link4 and Delv partnership brings e-invoicing to everyone

Posted by Link4 Team on 11/02/2021

Link4 has signed a new partnership to further expand the adoption of e-invoicing in Australia.

This collaboration has been formed following the announcement that e-invoicing will be mandated in Australia. Initially, this covers Federal Government agencies but it will be expanded to include other levels of government as well as the business community.

E-invoicing is more efficient and much safer than sending invoices via email. It is estimated to inject $3 billion annually into the Australian economy when just 15% of businesses are active with it. This partnership will support the foundation e-invoicing adopters, providing them with a competitive advantage and helping to strengthen trading partner relationships

“Together, Delv and Link4 deliver a scalable solution that will ensure that customers are able to respond to market forces and legislative frameworks. In the volatile world that we live in today, it is critical to provide organisations with digital technology that allows them to effectively and efficiently navigate unchartered waters”, said Masseh Haidary, Delv CEO.

E-invoicing with the Delv and Link4 solution will eliminate the need for repetitive, admin-based finance tasks, “A customer just needs to open the Accounting system, review the entry and approve the information received. There is no need for any data entry or scanning solutions”, said Robin Sands, CEO, Link4. “The solution is also much better for the environment, as well as decreasing the cost per invoice by 70% in comparison to traditional solutions”, he continued.

This solution can be purchased on its own or it can be hosted on Delv’s MATE automation platform. “Hosting the e-invoicing solution on the MATE platform will provide organisations with a platform for automation growth, giving them the opportunity to automate other finance and business process, that could range from payments of invoices and reconciliation, onboarding and offboarding or even IT processes across your service desk”, said Josephine Calabria, Automation and Data Practice Lead, Delv.

The solution is easy and rapid to implement, “This is a no-fuss solution that allows the customer to get on with the work they should be doing and not focusing on the time-consuming tasks they are often left to do”, Josephine Calabria said.

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