LinkFor Celebrates 7 Years of Empowering Businesses and Spearheading Innovation 

LinkFor, the dynamic invoicing innovators in the digital solutions sphere, is thrilled to mark its remarkable 7-year journey of success, growth, and customer-centric innovation. As LinkFor looks back on its inspiring history, it is evident that this milestone represents not just a celebration, but a testament to the company’s origins, achievements, and exciting prospects for the future.

LinkFor was born out of a desire to simplify the lives of small business owners. The common pain point of invoicing drove founders Robin Sands (CEO) and Sam Hassan (CTO) to set out on a mission to make a difference. With their technology background and a deep understanding of the industry, Robin and Sam ventured into the world of digital solutions.

Their journey led them to OCR scanning, but when business owners found it lacking, they delved deeper and uncovered the potential of e-invoicing. LinkFor emerged as an early pioneer in e-invoicing, making the process accessible to small businesses using the six most common cloud accounting systems at the time. From humble beginnings, LinkFor has grown to serve over 5,000 organisations as active users today.

LinkFor’s journey also intertwined with the rise of the Peppol (InvoiceNow) network, which allowed small businesses to join the e-invoicing revolution. This development facilitated e-invoicing’s global expansion, with LinkFor accredited in Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

Notable partnerships have been instrumental in LinkFor’s success. The collaboration with BOC Gas in Australia, an early adopter, solidified LinkFor’s position as a leader in the e-invoicing space. In addition, LinkFor has become the most popular e-invoicing service used by Federal Government agencies.

One significant achievement in 2018 took LinkFor to Buckingham Palace, where Robin and Sam met with the Head of IT and Head of Finance for the Royal Household. This meeting marked a testament to LinkFor’s global impact and reputation.

LinkFor’s relationships with TechnologyOne and NetSuite further cemented its leadership in the e-invoicing arena. LinkFor’s pre-built connection to TechOne was the key criteria for the company to be contracted by the Australian Department of Treasury (the Treasury). The success of the project resulted in the Treasury being a key reference in the government sector, which led to other departments wanting to implement the same seamless solution. LinkFor also became exclusive partners with NetSuite in the region, allowing NetSuite users to seamlessly join the e-invoicing network.

Looking ahead, LinkFor remains committed to growth and expansion. The company is actively exploring opportunities in their current Access Point markets like Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, while gearing up for future expansion into Malaysia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and various European countries. LinkFor’s unique adaptability, rooted in its origins, sets the stage for international endeavors.

As LinkFor continues to evolve, its commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and global expansion remain unwavering.

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