e-Invoicing Experts Discuss Benefits of Switching to InvoiceNow

e-Invoicing Experts Discuss Benefits of Switching to InvoiceNow

LinkFor, a leading e-Invoicing solutions provider in Singapore, in collaboration with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), hosted an exclusive webinar for key financial decision makers on unlocking the potential of InvoiceNow. The event aimed to provide insights and practical knowledge to help businesses transition to e-Invoicing.

IMDA introduced ‘InvoiceNow’, a nationwide e-Invoicing network that enables companies of all sizes to process invoices. LinkFor, as one of the leading Access Point providers in Singapore, offers e-Invoicing solutions to all levels of government bodies and businesses participating in InvoiceNow. The system is designed to streamline invoicing processes, reduce manual errors, and accelerate payment cycles.

Sam Hassan, CTO of LinkFor, and Jasmine Sim, Manager Sectoral Transformation Group at IMDA, discussed and emphasized the advantages of integrating cloud accounting and ERP systems with an access point provider. This integration enables the seamless transmission of invoices to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) by 2025, used for GST administration purposes, and to the buyer, facilitating better data management and compliance.

This marks a collaborative endeavor involving IMDA and IRAS to enhance productivity, improve compliance, and reduce costs for businesses through the adoption of InvoiceNow. By leveraging this system, businesses can ensure that their e-Invoicing processes are more efficient and error-free.

An added benefit highlighted during the webinar is that the transition to e-Invoicing avoids disrupting business operations. This seamless shift ensures that companies can maintain their workflow productivity without any interruptions.

Sam, with over 20 years in identifying technical solutions to meet market needs and developing technological solutions said, “By leveraging LinkFor’s solutions, businesses can integrate with InvoiceNow to ensure seamless e-Invoicing, eliminate or notify of any errors, and facilitate smooth transmission of invoices to IRAS and buyers, enhancing faster payments, compliance, and operational efficiency.”

Watch the webinar highlights here: https://linkfor.asia/webinars/

About LinkFor:

LinkFor provides e-Invoicing Access Point services under the Peppol Framework and is an approved Peppol Access Point in Singapore. LinkFor offers comprehensive e-Invoicing solutions for businesses, facilitating seamless invoicing processes and fostering stronger trading partner relations.

For more information on LinkFor e-Invoicing: https://linkfor.asia/

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Footnote: In this article, “e-invoicing” is used interchangeably to refer to electronic invoicing.

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